About Mukto Arts CIC

Mukto Arts CIC is a London-based Diaspora arts development organisation led by artists and creative producers. We work with diverse communities and artists to create access to cultural production for people that are excluded from or on the fringes of the mainstream.We facilitate cultural expression and visibility for the many complex and diverse communities that make up Great Britain, working across the performing, visual and media arts.

Our Creative Troupe

Mukta Chakravarty
Mukta Chakravarty

She is a talented British Bangladeshi visual artist.

Gary <br>Coughlan

He is a young talented British musician.

Sutapa Chowdhury
Sutapa Chowdhury

She is a British-Indian PhD researcher and writer.


He is a talented artist who actively worked with the prominent theatre group.

Our President

Satyabrata Das Swapan
Satyabrata Das Swapan

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Videos of our different workshop and creative activities.

Videos of our different creative activities.