Exhibition-Tribeni The-Rhythm-of-Water
Asaduzzaman Noor (Minister of parliament, Bangladesh) have seen the exhibition

Tribeni: The Rhythm of Water’ is a solo exhibition of 40 paintings by our lead artist Mukta Chakravarty presented by Mukto Arts CIC. Mukta is a talented young Bangladeshi born artist who is now based in the UK and performing as a lead artist of Mukto Arts CIC . Exhibition ‘Tribeni’ was a Part of a Season of Bangla Drama 2019 funded by London borough of Tower Hamlet, Queen Mary University London, Arts council England and Eton funding.

The word Tribeni comes from an ancient South Asian language Sanskrit, and means junction of three rivers. Three is the magic number with this project. Artist Mukta Chakravarty’s series of 40 paintings were painted by three different paint mediums; watercolour; acrylic and oil painted on three different surfaces ranging from hand-made paper, to wood, to canvas. Tribeni is used to refer to the confluence between rivers as a metaphor for human interaction through fine art.

Water is an elemental force which knows no boundaries and traverses the natural world in rivers, seas and oceans as well as through cloud and weather formations. It can be soft and tranquil or raging and brutal. It is vital for commerce, irrigation, and life itself. Fine art has endless possibilities for visual interpretations of ideas across many media and subject matters and can forge multiple points of connection.

Mukto Arts CIC is a community interest company that develops and supports creative arts, artists and art organisation from under-represented groups in the London and other cities in the UK.

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