Mouni Mukta’s painting exhibition ends in London

‘Tribeni: The Rhythm of Water’, solo exhibition series of Mukta Chakravarty
‘Tribeni: The Rhythm of Water’, solo exhibition series of Mukta Chakravarty

‘Tribeni: The Rhythm of Water’, a month-long solo exhibition series of forty paintings by the London based talented Bangladeshi artist Mukta Chakravarty ended in London on November 24.

As a part of the east end’s cultural legacy ‘a season of Bangla drama’ the exhibition Tribeni was arranged by London Borough of Tower Hamlets and Queen Mary University jointly.

The four weeks long exhibition Tribeni: The Rhythm of Water’ started from the beginning of this month has celebrated its closing ceremony on November 24.
Renowned actor and former cultural minister of Bangladesh Asaduzzaman Nur inaugurated the exhibition. Besides Mr Nur, some other honourable guests who also walked along with the gallery after opening ceremony including a prominent poet Shamim Azad, renowned journalist Rafi Hasan, Queen Mary University Lecturer Mr Alister Campbell and Mr Sudip Chakraborthy the Assistant professor of Dhaka University Bangladesh.

The artist has received huge positive response from the viewers for her beautiful paintings.

Talking about the exhibition, artist Mouni Mukta Chakravarty said, ‘The day I have started my fine arts degree, since then I was dreaming about a solo exhibition. Eventually, the dream comes true. But I never thought that my paintings would be exhibited in a multicultural city like London. I am very excited and overwhelmed for the responses and comments from the visitors form diverse background.”

The artist also explained the story behind the title of the exhibition. As per her explanation, the word Tribeni comes from the ancient South Asian language Sanskrit, and means junction of three rivers. Tribeni is used to refer to the confluence between rivers as a metaphor for human interaction through fine art. Interestingly in Latin, English and in Sanskrit the prefix ‘tri’ means ‘3’. Three is the magic number with this Exhibition. Mukta Chakravarty’s paintings at the exhibition are painted in three paint mediums- watercolour, acrylic and oil and painted on three different surfaces- hand-made paper, wood and canvas. Fine art has endless possibilities for visual interpretations of ideas across many media and subject matters and can forge multiple points of connection.

As a part of the exhibition Tribeni, Mukto arts CIC executed an innovative creative idea called ‘the live blend of music and art’.

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